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Mediterranean climate regions are found between 31 and 40 degrees latitude north and south of the equator, on the western side of continents, including Napa Valley.

It is in the autumn – after summer drought and dormancy – that the yearly life cycle of plants starts anew, like the awakening in spring that follows winter dormancy in the north. 

Little Summer blends Old World influences from the coastal Mediterranean region with Napa Valley's storied bounty to create a casually upscale rendezvous in the heart of the community. Discover the fusion of flavors and cultures found in this climate region we share with the Great Sea where Europe, Africa and the Middle East meet.

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Chef Benjamin Lacy

With a long list of culinary accomplishments, Chef Benjamin Lacy is transforming the culinary landscape of Napa Valley with creative farm-to-fork menus at Little Summer. From utilizing our on-site garden to craft seasonally-inspired menus and maintaining relationships with local farms, fisheries, and ranches in the Napa region, Chef Lacy is committed to bringing ingredient-focused and flavorful fare.

Executive Chef Lacy’s diverse cooking talents and passion for food continuously drive and inspire his dishes. Lacy’s curiosity of food started at a young age with his Chinese mother and Irish American father exposing him to a variety of cultures and flavors. His large multi-cultural extended family, and an always-filled kitchen, helped cultivate his love of eclectic cooking.

For Chef Lacy, kitchen life revolves around learning about good food, preparing dishes in a way that celebrates its truest flavors, and sharing his creations with guests.

Little Summer & Chef's Heirloom Garden

The menus at Little Summer Napa Valley incorporate organic ingredients harvested on-site daily for incredibly fresh fare. Featuring raised and in-ground beds, plus a lush herb garden, the 1,200-square-foot Chef's Heirloom Garden at boasts a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including heirloom tomatoes, lettuce, beets, radishes, and melons. Seasonally-inspired, the menus at Little Summer feature ingredients harvested from our on-site garden at the peak of ripeness.